My psychotherapy and counselling sessions are 50 minutes. They are normally at the same time each week, unless we agree to rearrange a particular session for some reason.

I see clients in Camden on Tuesday afternoons and evenings, Friday mornings, and Saturday mornings. I can also see you early in the mornings if you want to see me before you go to work.

I see clients in Farringdon on Wednesday and Friday daytimes, and Thursday afternoons and evenings.

You may want to agree at the outset on a fixed number of psychotherapy / counselling sessions, or you may prefer to leave the duration open-ended. If you have a preference we can discuss this in your initial session.

Whatever you decide, you can end at any time. I would encourage you to talk about the ending at least a few sessions before you do stop, to give yourself time to consider what ending means to you, how it relates to other endings in your life, and what a good ending might be like for you.


  • Camden – sessions are £55 for weekday daytimes (9am-4pm) and £65 for early mornings, evenings and Saturdays.
  • Farringdon – sessions are £75 for weekday daytimes (9am-4pm) and £85 for early mornings and evenings.

Fees are payable by cash or cheque, or by bank transfer.

I charge for sessions missed, cancelled or rearranged, without at least 48 hours’ advance notice.